Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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New Season Survivor

I’m back. Had to take some time to move and even though we only moved a mile that’s a major event for us. The actual move took a month and we may have all the boxes in the house emptied by Christmas. We are getting there. Did you catch the new Survivor? I mean that Russell and if you saw the show you know who I’m talking about. (They do have two Russell’s this year.) But this guy has got to be the biggest jerk yet, and they’ve had some doozies. But who picks on there own team from the start, dumping there canteens and burning their socks?

Unfortunately the team will need his strength. Thus America will be forced to endure him for weeks. Great for the show gives people something to talk about.

This week we also saw the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Favorite guy, Donny Osmond of course I’ve been a Donny fan since “Go Away Little Girl.” Favorite gal, Kelly Osburn kind of won my heart. Both of these held there own this week but it’s a long season. I love all that dancing.

Which is a good thing because So You Think you can Dance is coming back with another season, which is in auditions this week but next week we can watch dance four nights a week. Yipee!

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