Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Television Musings - Rants and Raves from a Romance Writer

By Kathy Carpenter

Welcome 2010!

I know it’s been awhile but I’m back. I’ve been in computer hell. And when I logged on to write this. I noticed my blog form a couple back didn’t even post. I went back and posted the blog from October 19th but in the scheme of things don’t know where it published. Where it was originally supposed to or on today’s date. Moving forward. I hope to be back to once a week. This week I want to talk about Chuck. Chuck was a relatively creative idea for a television show. The contents from a government agency computer downloaded into a human, then was destroyed. The only way the real spies could access the information was through Chuck. Who works at a warehouse store on the geek squad.

That lasted for two seasons. Of course the government was working on a way to get the information back and free Chuck, but at what price. The storyline ran it’s course, But they came up with a new creative outlet. After getting free of the info Chuck downloaded the new version into himself. Not quite sure how. But now if he flashes on an activity he does not know, for instance talking French, instantly he is enabled to the task. To me this is creative but alas how far can it go?

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