Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seeking A Convenient Distraction

Seeking A Convenient Distraction
By Lisa A. Riley
Many of us have experienced this form of procrastination. Where we give into the rationalization that once these convenient distractions are completed and put to rest, we can create. When in reality, this is an indication of our own internal resistance to facing the act of producing something. Feelings of self-doubt, criticism and negative beliefs can produces anxiety around the creative process. Such discomfort may rise from our own demons emerging to remind us how mediocre we might be, how worthless our work is or worse of all how “uncreative” we really are. For that reason, we naturally look for diversions to keep us from facing this discomfort.

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Twyla said...

Lisa, thanks. I love the 20 minute rule. I am glad to "hear" that it is not just me that would benefit from sitting still with myself. Don't you think this helps us wear out and silence the internal chatter so that we can get out of our own way and create?