Monday, October 19, 2009


There is indeed something hot in the Journaling World!

Ruth Folit, founder of LifeJournal software has recently announced the creation of the International Association for Journal Writers.

If you are a regular journal keeper or want to become one, this is the place to be--- Articles, tips, audio and upcoming classes focused on journaling. Two dozen journaling experts from around the world (including yours truly) will keep you informed, learning, "juiced" and most importantly, writing.

You'll want to check out the IAJW today and join us! Visit here.

So, how is your own journaling going this fall? If you are feeling sluggish or haven't written in awhile, there's a simple solution. Walk outside and grab your journal or a notebook and pen. Take a walk, even for ten minutes.

Try this. Think of an issue or concern that has been nagging at you. No need to dwell on it; once you have the thought, write it down and then just let it drift off. Walk slowly, noticing the details around you. What color is the ground? What do you notice about the trees, leaves, branches, plants, insects? Walk slowly, look closely.

Take a deep breath. Continue on your short journey for a few minutes more. Stop and look at anything that grabs your attention. Study it. Stay with it, let is speak to you.

When you are done with your walk, open your journal and look again at the issue or concern you noted before. Now do some writing and see if the issue seems different or has changed in any way.

Let me know what happens!
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Susan Borkin, M.A. is a licensed psychotherapist, author and speaker. In her practice she provides psychotherapy, coaching and training for people who are interested in using writing as part of their healing, growth or transformation.

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