Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Television Musings - Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

Desperate, Shark and Glee

By Kathy Carpenter

Desperate Housewives continues to try new things. In a recent episode they showed the same scene from five points of view. They did this by playing the scene then going to a different family four different times to show what the other family was doing during a specific event. Sort of a rewind effect. Worked out nicely, I thought. Television continues to become more creative trying to give us the same emotions we get from a book.

Shark Tank- What I love about this show is the Sharks. Is not the fact someone has the opportunity of a lifetime to take their company to another level. But The way they compete against each other to get the deal they want. Or work together or even try to save another Shark from a deal they feel would be bad.

Glee - A show from the previews did not seem like my type. It looked like another Friday Night Lights from last season. To my surprise I like it a lot. It has a Soap Opera feel, one of my favorites. With secrets, people going after people , with great music and dance. I’m hoping they can come with enough to keep it going after the initial story play through. Often a problem with new shows. Only time will tell.

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