Thursday, April 09, 2009

Career Inklings from Columbia

By Janet M. Ruck

Not quite in the throes of spring, the weather in the mid-Atlantic promises more every day. The perennials poke out of the ground, seemingly not quite trusting that this is the right time to burst forth.

But, we know the time is here. The calendar tells us that spring has been here for a few weeks now, and, although the weather has been sporadic, the golden sunshine, emerald grass and red-breasted robin confirm its long-awaited arrival.

Do you find yourself often facing the inevitable with hesitation and trepidation? Unsure of what signs or trends to trust and believe, do you find that you waste precious energy in the abyss of indecision? Maybe you’ve been stagnant for a long time, fearful of making a move out of your comfort zone. Perhaps it’s time to seek a job or career that challenges your skills. By taking action at the first hint of change, you create a cycle of momentum that can propel you forward. And, that is what the calendar tells us every year: change is coming. Be prepared, embrace it, and bask in its energy and power.

Flow with the change, give yourself perspective and commit to the growth that will sweep you forward.

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