Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sculpting a Life:
Susan Gallacher-Turner’s turn in the Pacific Northwest.

Sometimes, art is about making an impression. Even if the piece comes deeply from your heart, your art still has to get out there and be seen. Getting it out there, takes determination, perseverance and patience as well as having a grasp on good marketing skills. I’ve been lucky to have a background in communications and that’s helped me tremendously to put together my resume, artist statement, as well as a portfolio of professional photographs.

Not all artists and soul-centered business people have those skills but luckily there are people out there who can help. This last week, I interviewed Erin Donley about her business, Marketing Your Truth. Her passion is helping others make their messages clear, effective and tailored to their specific clients.

Her marketing approach comes from her heart just as my new blog and website, Voices of Living Creatively comes from mine. My quest is to find and tell the stories of people who are bravely living sustainable and creative lives everyday. I want to pass on the stories of people like Erin Donley, so we can all be inspired to live the life we want by hearing these voices of living creatively.

You can listen to Erin Donley’s podcast interview at Voices of Living Creatively website and read an article on her on my new blog Voices of Living Creatively.

And you can read more about my sculpture at Susan’s Art & Words and my website Susan Gallacher-Turner Sculpture.

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