Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Television Musings - Rants and Raves from a Romance Writer

New Stuff
By Kathy Carpenter

Just back from the National Romance Writers of America conference a week ago. Talk about motivation. If you write fiction of any kind and need help try checking into joining a local RWA chapter. The will lend you support, teach you to write, show you the market, and be ther for you in general.

New shows - Let’s see we have The Listener kind of a toss up of Medium and Ghost Whisperer both of which I watch and love. However, The Listener, although I can go with him seeing events and not telling anyone. I could not get into his profession. The stories involved too much medical stuff for my taste,

The Great American Roadtrip - I could get into another reality show. This one had several families competing against each other as they travel across country, Although I feel the experience they have traveling together and bonding together with other families from across America, it’s a little more touching with the kids involved to compete and lose and to know they are going home. Heartwarming.

Dating in the Dark - Interesting. Three guys and three gals live on different sides of a house, The meet in the middle in a special dark room for dates. The first time they meet all together, Then they chose someone they connected with. The third date is who they have been matched up with. Then they have a final date. After that they each see each other and can either chose to meet up with the person or walk away. Two of the three met up. One guy wanted to meet but the gal walked away. The show also had a couple other ways of allowing them to getting to know the other people without seeing each other. Interesting.

One more note - you may notice my new picture - this was taken at the conference to be my book jacket picture - What do you think does this picture work for a book cover?

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