Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ah, Master, You Can Make Me Immortal

From Egon Schiele’s Portraits by Alessandra Comini:

“When I went out to Gustav Klimt’s garden house in Hietzing I was really prepared for anything, because I knew how eccentric he was with that beard and always going about in a sort of monk’s robe and sandals. When he answered the door he was wearing a big monocle in one eye and looked me sedately up and down without saying anything! Finally he said to me: ‘What do you want to come to me for? You have just had your portrait done by a very good painter.’ I was afraid that he was going to turn me down and so I answered quickly, yes, this was certainly true, but that through Klimt I wanted to be made immortal. He accepted that.”

Flattery works wonders, doesn’t it?

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denbe said...

This verbal painting, along with the other daily bursts of creativity you so generously give to us, your readers, viewers, students, are ultimately an inspiring veneer, shining spots on an otherwise dull day. But alas, the trick is to not sit back observing your power and passively receive your gifts; on the contrary we must be moved to mimic the master, not just adore him. Emulation is our gift.