Saturday, January 07, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first blog post. I am very excited! This is a view out the bedroom window of the apartment Ann and I will be renting in Paris for the month of July. It seemed to me that I couldn't start this blog with a better image!


Metta Spencer said...

Hi, Eric. Congratulations. Blogs can consume you but they are rewarding. Mine lends structure to my schedule, since I require myself to post three per week, and I have to keep my eyes open to think of good topics. Perhaps you have seen mine, or otherwise I don't know how you found me.

Margaux Vaughn said...

I am totally excited about you having a blog! You are very good at getting out to artist the information we need. Looking forward to it. Thanks for letting me know, margaux

WORD-SMITH said...

Welcome to this crazy world of blogging. What i see is you spend alot of energy on how to run it and how to maintain it and then how to get the word out. However, more and more advances are coming to aid that everyday and it seems that soon this will have come as far and become as commonplace as sending an email, so do continue. Like your books, i'm sure this space will become quite useful. Visit me at::

JanetVanderhoof said...

This story reminds me of my mother and father. My mother is French and she lived in Paris. My father, American, was reading a newspaper at the entrance to the subway across from the L'Opera. He noticed my mother coming out of the subway. He was struck by her beauty. Love at first sight. He followed her to her home. He spoke little French and she no English. He desperately wanted to take her out for dinner. My mother lived with her sister, who knew English. Creatively through a triangle comminication he convinced my mother to go out. He only had a few days in Paris before his return home. My father was engaged to another woman at the time, but my mother changed his life story. They fell in love and he brought a warbride home to the United States. As a child I heard this story over and over again. It made me believe in love stories and magic. My father died 12 years later. My mother never remarried. She was only 36 when he died. She could never find anyone to replace him.

Cathleen~ said...

Thanks for writing a blog story with Paris at the heart of it. I SO am drawn to Paris, have been since I was younger & have never had a clue as to why. I had thought perhaps a former life there? I overcame fear of flying in 2001 to go to Paris for 8 days & it filled me with such joy & completeness. I returned in 2003 to paint in Monet's garden which had been a life dream. It's on my top 10 list of biggest accomplishments, highest highs in my life & I have lived awhile!!
I look forward to more of the sights, sounds, descriptions,photos
with your story!

Divine Synchrondipity said...

Hi Eric. Congratulations on starting a blog. I hope you find blogger as easy to use as I have. (Lol. No, I'm not affiliated.) I've tried several and am now staying right here!

Blogs do consume time, however. But it's truly gratifying to watch the number of hits on your pages rise as you post items your peers find of interest.

Best wishes. Will be checking back in. :)

Kathleen said...

Hello Eric,

I am new to your world. After I had a close call with fate in October, I found your book at the Harvard Coop and it woke me up. I decided to blog and after some running jumps - just got started and am loving the rhythm of writing regularly.

I love your blog. You have really helped me. :)

My blog is:

and You were the catalyst for it!