Sunday, January 29, 2006

Call for Painters

I am looking to work with twenty painters on a book project. We would work in the following way. I would send out a “creativity prompt” each week and everyone in the group would produce a (necessarily quick) painting provoked by the prompt, along with their written thoughts about the process. Some number of these images and some amount of this commentary would go into the finished book and everyone who participated would be represented.

If you would like to participate in this project, please get in touch with me at I would need to see a couple of your images or visit your website before inviting you aboard. I think this will be an exciting and eye-opening adventure for those of you who choose to join me, especially if you are curious about trying out new techniques, working with new ideas, or producing new subject matter.

Please let your painter friends and colleagues know about this opportunity. If you are able to post this message to a likely group and feel comfortable doing so, I hope you’ll do just that. Thanks!

P.S. As this message may get passed around to folks who don’t know me, let me add the following. I am a creativity coach and the author of many books in the area of creativity, among them Fearless Creating, A Life in the Arts, The Creativity Book, Affirmations for Artists, Coaching the Artist Within, and A Writer’s Paris. You can learn more about me and what I do at


Terry Spehar-Fahey said...

Thank you Eric for ispiring me. I've put up a blog of my own and linked yours to mine. Hope to hear from regarding the "Call for Painters" Best wishes, Terry

Anonymous said...

I would be very enthusiastic about participating in the "Call for Painters" project. Just saw your interview on NBC11, April 1. It is possible that the project has begun, if not I am very interested. I recognized my own creativity at 50 beginning as a sculptor, first in ceramics, then in bronze, and finally in marble. I am now exploring the world of color and digital painting, and am engaged in writing about my marble commission in Italy. I am in the process of putting up my website. including a blog. The website shouldl be completed by mid-April. If you are interested in my background and my participation in your project, please email me at