Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Two Pistols, One Expected, One Unexpected

Thomas Eakins meets Rosa Bonheur.

From The Life and Works of Thomas Eakins, by Gordon Hendricks:

“From Tom’s acquaintance with Germain Bonheur we were invited to his parent’s home. His sister Rosa Bonheur was there on a visit from her home in Fontainebleau. Below she wore skirts but her upper attire resembled that of a man. She was very bossy and dictatorial with the family, and when Germain differed from her on any point she would tell him to go to bed! Tom was speaking of our national mechanical skill and to illustrate the point he pulled out from his pocket his Smith & Wesson revolver. (I know of no other person in Paris who carried one!) Rosa put HER hand in her pocket and pulled out one of the same make. She acquired the habit of carrying it during her sketching at Fontainebleau.”

An artist may be sensitive. That doesn’t mean that she has to go unarmed!

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Roy Blumenthal said...

Yay!!!! Finally you're blogging! I've been hoping for this. I'll be putting your RSS feed into my BLOGLINES aggregator as soon as I hit send on these comments.

Thanks to you, I'm finally stepping into my role as a coach this year.

Enjoy the blogosphere, Eric.

Blue skies

PS: Two things you might need to think about re blogging: (1) It's better to allow anonymous comments. It's a simple function in the blog settings of your page. (2) In the RSS feed settings, you'll make friends if you set the feed to 'full', and you'll lose readers if you don't. Good luck!!!!

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