Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Creating and Summer Countdown

Summer equates to a lot more free time for me. Once my kids are out of school, I’m released from homework duty and the constant tirade of meetings, forms and errands that seem to go hand in hand with the cyclical school year.

My plans for summer accomplishments usually lean toward unrealistic, but I can’t help it. I’m so excited to have my evenings and weekends free I think it’s important to hope I can cram as much writing as possible in the two and half months that lay before me.

So what’s on tap for this summer? Well, last summer I was a newbie to this whole blog thing. I became a regular contributor to this blog and launched my own blog entitled Colleenie’s Couch. I recently started a third blog called the Urban Suburban. I have found that I love being a blogster. The brief, time-oriented writing has proven to be a good fit for my already hectic life. I feel I’ve had enough time to get my feet wet and now this summer will be a full BOLGGING EXTRAVAGANZA!” I want to try to incorporate my own videos, maybe podcasting and promote my sites on a grander scale. Then there’s my book. Man, this book has been on the back burner forever. Last year I finally started to make some head-way, but now, it’s been months such I’ve worked on it. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind. That seems to be the constant challenge. How do I keep up with all my commitments and add writing to the mix? More importantly, how do I write regularly? I’m still working on it. Instead of beating myself up for not accomplishing my unrealistic goals, I’ve tried to reward myself for writing more than I did last year, last month or last year.

Summertime means I don’t have to drive to two different schools before arriving at the office. The plan is to write for one hour every morning before I leave. I’m not a morning person so this will take some willpower on my part. I even have some writing rules in place. No e-mail, no blogging and no internet. One hour strictly working on my book should allow me to really make progress. It is possible to have that rough draft before the first day of school in late August.

Evenings are for blogging, reading, visiting the never-ending tutorials to aid the techo-challenged and my trial and click method for attempting all new wigets and programming updates.

I’ll be happily busy. Hurry up and ring that last day of school bell. I have things to do!

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