Saturday, May 16, 2009

moon, light in the darkness by Sandra Lee Schubert @2009

Sandra Lee Schubert

blah, blah, blah

My head is spinning. Really, I am a little dizzy. I am trying to create a life here and the world keeps intruding on it with banality. OK, people want to be paid. The landlord would like the rent. The phone company tells me, if you want to talk, cough up the bucks lady.

I am searching for some good information on how to have a good life and make enough money to pay bills. I mean I don't want a job that just gives me money. I want my good life to provide me the money. I could work at Starbucks. Or, some other fast food joint and eat. Again, I am trying to create a life here.

Don't you feel hungry for good conversation? I am. I know people are afraid right now. There is massive belt tightening going on. McMansions are being traded in for simple cottages. Oh aren't we sorry for our excesses? Nope not me. I have not had enough excess yet. I am not interested in the nickel and dime kind life. What makes for a good life? My idea is doing things that I love to do. I would like the kind of financial freedom that allows me to take chances and do even bigger things.

Let me tell you a story. My friend and I were at dinner talking about the idea of creating bigger lives. He is in the stone business. Apparently most people in the industry knew it was beginning to decline almost five years ago. His friend Joe was receiving the same number of spam emails from China that my friend was getting. Joe looked at these emails and said, "hey, something is going on over there." While my friend was deleting them, Joe bought a ticket to China and discovered a profit center for himself. The difference between Joe and my friend? Where my friend didn't even bother to look at what might be an opportunity, Joe saw possibility.

Joe had no guarantee his trip to China would amount to anything. It didn't matter. He had a curious nature and followed its lead. Dr. Richard Wiseman, of The Luck Factor, says one of the differences between lucky and unlucky people is the ability to find opportunity everywhere.

So where does this leave me? My friend and I have both decided full time jobs, unless they were really fabulous, were not for us. We agreed that we need to get our mojo back. We also both agreed that we would no longer belittle ourselves in conversations. We are in a rough patch right now. There is no need to hurt ourselves further in the process.

Create your life. Ignore the people who want you to become smaller. Find successful people and let their radiant light shine on you a bit until you have your own to shine.

I will look for you in the darkness. You will see me. I'll leave my light on for you.

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