Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wild Woman of Queens: Notes on Urban Creativity from across the East River.

Flags by Sandra Lee Schubert @2009

The Right To Create

The other day I posted a poem I had on a very unused blog
to Twitter. The post had a footer to sign up for a defunct newsletter. I got five sign up notices within a couple of hours. Who knew that poetry could be popular? Now I am debating resurrecting the blog.

It just takes just a little interest to wake me back up from a creative dark hole. It feels like that sometimes. My inspired ideas seem to disappear into a void. The ideas become ethereal and hard to hold.

Yesterday, I worked with a coach on getting past some serious blocks. I was a clogged drain of impossibility. Really, there was some old rotting stuff blocking me from EVERYTHING. There are artists who suck it up and create. And, then are artists who need. Part of becoming a healthy creator is getting past the neediness. The landscape is littered with failed artistic potential.

My mantra is now, "Today holds new possibilities." Are you a healthy creator? What do you need to do to get there? I work all the time on attaining good artistic vibes . And, I must balance that with creating. Otherwise I am a writer who perpetually researches a book that is never written.

I believe we all have the right to create. Some of us create art, some create happy families, while others create boatloads of money. Get help if you need it. Then go create something.

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