Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Creating and Summer Countdown Part 2

Well here it goes. I’m now entering the final week of school. This time next week I’ll be relaxing in Carmel, California, but more about that next time.

Right now I need to gear myself up for that final push. On the surface, this week appears easy. My son has limited days and my daughter is out at 12:30 due to finals. However, I’ve learned not to be fooled.

This coming week will be so crazy. My husband and I will both take vacation time to accommodate the school schedules. I’m sure I’ll have to stay late at work some nights to make up for my upcoming time off. Isn’t it funny how you have to work so many extra hours just to go on vacation? Usually, we go on vacation in July, but I’m happy to start early. The last few months have been brutal for me. I think it’ll be great to start off with relaxation and then dive head first into my “writing summer.”

Although it would be nice to scour exotic location, there’s something to be said for the same annual vacation. Once you’ve seen the sights, you really can just relax, and that’s definitely what I need.

It’s funny though, we seem to bust our asses like crazy just to take some time off. I feel like the house should be spotless. All my work duties should be complete. I should even try to anticipate what might happen at the office while I’m away and take care of that too.

So bring it on crazy week! I can take it. This time next week I’ll be relaxing in hard earned vacation glory and then it’s a couple of months of no school, forms, homework, drop-offs, pick-ups, meetings, bagged lunches, rushing out the door and overall stress overload. I hope dealing with home and work stress will be enough to keep me going until the first day of school in late August. I’m looking forward to a productive summer.

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