Saturday, June 06, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Creating and Blogging Away

I’m on vacation right now. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing or blogging. Should I take a break from everything? It was so difficult to get to the end of the school year; I almost feel I should spend the week doing as little as possible.

There’s another side that’s gnawing at my brain though. If I write while I’m on vacation, and even more, if I find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi access so I can post my blog entries…well then I’m a real writer! It’s not like I’m cooped up in a dinky motel room somewhere. On the contrary, I’m in a house in Carmel, California that’s bigger than my main residence. This house, the best perk of my otherwise mundane office job, has been an oasis for my family and I for over ten years now.

This beautiful house, purchased by the company I work for, is shared by all the employees. We all get to take turns staying here and since my family is always on a budget, it’s allowed us a vacation where there otherwise have been none.

Since we are in a house, we do have a lot of downtime here. Not being crammed into a tiny motel room means that we’re never rushing out the door. We make breakfast, everyone leisurely showers, I have about three giant mugs of coffee and I usually read for a bit.

This morning I find myself finishing the last sip of my third cup of joe, already reading a couple chapters of my book and already showered and ready to go. Why not get some writing done too?

I mentioned late last year, my guilt in purchasing this mini laptop that I’m writing this post on. What better way to legitimize my purchase then to bring it on vacation! In all honesty, I usually do write when I’m on vacation, however, it usually consists of scribbling nonsense in a random notebook and it gets quickly discarded upon our return home.

This time I want to feel I’m producing. Technology allows us to never be far from connecting to others, and that’s good and bad. Sometimes, I think it’s important to disconnect completely. It’s not healthy to always be checking e-mail keeping track of this and that. Now that it’s easier for us to work away from home we tend to forget to stop working.

So I’m looking only to create. I don’t want to pay bills online, check my bank account, e-mail the office or anything that will stress me out. Balance is important. I definitely need this vacation and I want to come back refreshed and ready to tackle the second part of 2009.

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