Monday, June 08, 2009

Television Musings- Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

By Kathy Carpenter

New Shows

My life has been so out of control lately. Busy in so many ways with little time for creativity or thinking for that matter. It feels so good just to be able to sit here and write a blog. Creative enough it the aspect I need to come up with something to write.

A lot of shows just ended their seasons. Especially a lot of reality shows, Some with endings you wanted, like JT winning Survivor, a man who deserved to win. And dome with bad endings like Prison Break, which ended with our favorite hero dead. I thought this was the final end to Prison Break but was shocked if that was the final episode and if not it still sucked.Along with old shows ending of course we have many new shows starting. One new show I enjoyed was Surviving Suburbia., a new situation comedy. Very funny. I love situation comedies. If they strike you as funny, they cause you to laugh out loud and just plain enjoy yourself. However in t his day and age of so many reality shows and everything else it’s rare I sit and enjoy them. I should make time to watch them more. Everyone needs more laughter in their day especially now.

Also new we have So you think you can Dance our summer dance show. Fashion Show a take off on Project Runway. Harper’s Island kind of a Ten little Indians story I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here, a reality show on four nights a week ( a little much), The New Newlywed Game, The Bachelorette with Jillian, one of the Bachelor Jason’s rejects. Food Network Star, and Top Chef Masters, both cooking competitions starting this week. The Royal Pains, a new usa show. Burn Notice, The Closer, and Raising the Bar with new seasons. Enough to chew on for awhile but I’m sure new stuff will be starting next week.

Happy watching,

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