Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Motivators to Slay Your Creative Dragons

By CJ Lyons and Margie Lawson

Double Negatives from CJ:

Ever have one of those days?

You know what I mean, the ones where the computer acts all fritzy, the light bulb in your favorite reading lamp dies and you don’t have one the right size, the cat barfs on your manuscript pages, your editor loses your cover copy and needs you to re-write, your best-friend (or worse, your mother!) calls to chat, because she knows you don’t have a “real” job and have plenty of time….and, to top everything off, you are totally out of chocolate!!!

Just like opportunity seems to come knocking, so does negativity. I’ve learned not to fight it. Instead, I embrace it–so what if everything goes wrong today? I’ll take today off, make a holiday of it. Instead of fretting about the time I spend on any of the above, I consider it all “free” time. An unscheduled vacation.

Funny thing is, once I readjust my attitude, I suddenly find myself enjoying my day again and becoming even more productive that evening or the next day when I get back to work.

Give it a try–just think of it as yoga for your mind, learning to become more flexible and stretch yourself!

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About CJ:
As a pediatric ER doctor, CJ Lyons has lived the life she writes about in her cutting edge suspense novels. Her debut, LIFELINES (Berkley, March 2008), became a National Bestseller and Publishers Weekly proclaimed it a "breathtakingly fast-paced medical thriller."

The second in the series, WARNING SIGNS, was released January, 2009 and the third, URGENT CARE, is due out October, 2009. Contact her at

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