Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Television Musings - Rants and Raves from a Romance Writer


By Kathy Carpenter

It’s so hard to be creative this days. Or I should say to find me time for creativity. Not so for Paris Hilton. Last year or awhile back anyway, Paris decided to create a Reality show where she chooses someone to be her new best friend. The Simple Life, and enjoyed those. Of course Nicole is no longer her friend thus the new show. Anyway I did not have the opportunity to catch the show.

To my surprise a few weeks ago I see the my BFF advertising again. Apparently things did not work out with the friend Paris chose. The person was just using Paris to on their way to fame and fortune. Which put Paris in the position of no BFF again. Thus another season of the show.

This time I’m watching. Paris is just a sweet talking girl and seems like any other girl her age. But this is a power trip and she puts the contestants through some weird stuff. But she has her reasons I guess.span>

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