Monday, October 27, 2008

By Kathy Carpenter

Hex Appeal

A cute little witch story for Halloween. Hex Appeal is by Linda Wisdom. Basically a romance between a Vampire and a Witch.

This gave me lots of options to tie in. But I did Vampires recently, and we don’t currently have any Witch shows. And yes I was a big Charmed fan. However I’m taking this in a whole different direction. I am going with appeal. I going to talk about “America’s Top Model”. I’ve watched this show since the beginning. Every cycle as they call each season. Growing up I watched all the beauty pageants and still try to catch them. Isn’t every girls dream to win a beauty pageant. Or use to be. I think Top Model plays into this fantasy. To be a beautiful, and to lead a glamourous lifestyle. Although after viewing the show maybe young girls can see the realities involved in this profession.

Do the girls all a sex appeal? I do not know about that in fact most of the girl’s I want lose out to the ones I hate. But they all have some kind of appeal or they would not be there.

Often a girl I feel is downright homely will be one of the judges favorites. And sometimes I admit the camera does work miracles. Other times the judges will love a certain picture and I don’t get the appeal at all..

Appeal or not as with most things I guess it in the eye of the beholder.

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Morgan Mandel said...

Very true. Same thing goes for clothes or purses.(g)

Morgan Mandel