Sunday, October 05, 2008

FunnyThings in Vegas- Comedy Clubs FREE to Everyone

Okay, maybe not the club at Harrah's, but from the guy who founded the World Famous Improv Comedy Clubs, Budd Friedman, comes a website that allows EVERYONE to visit comedians, talk about comedy, and learn about the shows that are coming up at the clubs in cities across the country. It's called, and features video snippets from everyone including Old School favorites, to the newest star on Last Comic Standing. Budd Friedman is also available to answer questions about the comedy world, and will do so with a tongue as sharp as his mind.
Have you ever wondered what it was like to have a quiet moment with Robin Williams? How about sitting down with Roseanne and talking about cookie recipes? Did you ever just want to laugh for no particular reason and needed a great place to visit. This is the purpose of Paul Lander, a television producer and comedy expert in his own right, has produced specials for HBO, and networks for everyone. He is the voice of, partnered with Budd, and bringing the best comedians from around the world to the site simply to amuse the visitors.

It's also a site of education. Have you thought about writing for screen? Have you wondered what it would be like to pitch a television show? What about podcasts? Do you know about improvisation, or would you consider trying stand-up if you just knew where to start? is the website that gives real-life, experienced voices to the answers. Recent forum discussions include- "What do I need for touring?" "What can do to make my work stand out?" and "What does a video do for me?" All are answered by people who are not only comedians, but club owners, marketing experts, Hollywood big-wigs, and even those who are fans of the art.

If you are a fan of people like Erma Bombeck, Mark Twain, or Dave Barry, you have found a place to make your own humor writing known. When you sign up for an account at, you are given a blog space- which is a great way to test out humor writing before submitting it to competitions, periodicals, or agents. You will get valuable feedback from people who have been on the judging panels, or who may have one competitions, such as the Bombeck event that happens each year. Join in the discussions and get your own page by clicking here.

Not sure about going to comedy clubs anymore because you wonder if all the material out there is just beyond blue? Visit the website to learn about the headliners at your local clubs, and see their work on display. You may discover people like MaryEllen Hooper, the Aspen Comedy Festival Winner, and Shane Mauss, whose appearances on Conan are now legendary. Or you may find that an old favorite, John Caponera, or Dennis Blair is now part of the community chatting with others about life on the road after MTV.

Nothing is quite like sitting before a stage, and seeing a comedian up close. You feel the infectious laughter of others spill onto your funny bone. You get inside jokes about events happening just there, just then, and just with you in mind. But, does its best to bring that same idea to the net-surfing public. And it's free. It doesn't get much better than that.

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