Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Television Musings-Rants and Raves Of a Romance Writer

The Red Hat Club Rides Again

By Kathy Carpenter

Yes! Onto a new book. I think one thing slowing me down is definitely the new television season. So much to watch-so little time.

This weeks book is The Red Hat Club Rides Again by Haywood Smith. Tie in - the book is about five women who meet each month to have lunch and bond. Woman who have know each other for years. They have been through every life situation together and stand by each other no matter what. Women-bond series a trend. We had Sex in the City a show I did not watch. Which bonded together four longtime friends. Last year we had The Murder club. Also four friends who bonded together. Three we longtime friends. Then we had Lipstick Jungle and it’s mirror counterpart Cashmere Mafia. Of the two I preferred Lipstick Jungle and it’s the show that remains. In each of the shows they featured three high powered women in New York City friends who stick to each others sides through thick and thin.

The secret behind these kinds of books and shows - is the conflict. Sure sometimes the get mad at each other (who doesn’t). But the main source of the story conflict comes from the outside and they fight it off together.

A formula that works time and time again.

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