Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Television Musings-Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

By Kathy Carpenter

True Confessions

A chapter title from The Red Club Rides Again. Connection. Lawyers. I wanted to talk about Lawyer shows. I like shows about lawyers. I do not like cop shows for the most part. I guess I like the due process.

Used to watch Law and Order and always enjoyed the second half more. The part where they went to court. I like mysteries where you figure out who did it - Matlock - Murder She wrote. But this is about Lawyers.

Boston Legal, love it. Especially the beginning and end. In the beginning they have some far out funny incident and at the end Alan and Denny (the main character) sit on the balcony drinking and smoking and talking. Always quite funny. The show has a huge cast, which always amazed me. How they could get so many people into each show. And each character has their peculiarity , The show makes fun of everyone and has some pretty controversial subjects. But it fun. I was sorry to hear Monday night this is the final season. It’s only been on about four years.

Eli Stone. Another creative attempt. Where this lawyer has an aneurism which allows him visions from God which helps him win his cases. Like it.

Raising the Bar - More of your serious straight law firm but I still like it.

Guess that’s it for my current law shows.

Law and Order - Like not so much. All those crime shows got so depressing after awhile.

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