Thursday, February 19, 2009

Television Musings - Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

By Kathy Carpenter


I was quite happy a few weeks ago to learn Medium was returning to the air. I had heard nothing on the show for months and months and guessed it was cancelled. However in these days of television that’s how it is. A show can be on for six weeks and off for six months. A lot more shows this way with something new starting all the time. Medium had the unique story line of someone who had died jumping into a live person’s body when they too were about to die. The same story line Ghost Whisperer is using. In this case the person was not really the dead person. - just the murderer pretending to be the person they had killed. I totally enjoy both of these shows. Similar but different.

Hell’s Kitchen just started again. That Ramsey is one tough guy.

Show’s ending Bachelor who will Jason propose to?
Top Chef and True Beauty - who will be the winners? Leave a comment and let me know.

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