Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wild Woman of Queens: Notes on Urban Creativity from across the East River.

Sandra Lee Schubert

Love vs. Work

Last week I was ready to write about LOVE. It was Valentine's Day after all. My nephew welcomed his new baby daughter two before that. It seemed love was in the air. Then I got an assignment for some writing work. Three articles and two reviews to be done in three days. Since my lay-off I have been establishing new avenues of revenue. Writing is something I can do. T
he offer was there and I went for it. Was it the right decision?

Yes, it was. Maybe. Here is the dilemma; I want to write, I want to write what moves me, and, I want to pay my rent. If I were working full time the dilemma wouldn't exist. I would have written about LOVE.

When switching from writing as a hobby to crafting a business the choice becomes more complicated. If I had a week to write the articles and reviews I could have taken the time. But since this was my first assignment with this client I wanted to deliver work not only on time but ahead of time. I accomplished that, got paid and received a great review.

Our lives become full of these dilemmas. We must make choices all the time that are not comfortable and could be wrong. We are forced to be serious about what we are doing and pull inspiration out of the air and get to work.

Let us not forget about LOVE. I like to write, love to write, live to write. No matter the circumstances I can't give it up. On top of it all, I am now a Great Aunt, welcoming a tiny new star to the universe, born last week to her happy family of parents, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles ready to receive a new being into their arms. Now that is love.

love born by Sandra Lee Schubert 2009

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