Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wild Woman of Queens: Notes on Urban Creativity from across the East River.

Drink, You Scurvy Dog Sandra Lee Schubert 2009

Bad Hair Day Causes Woman to Oversleep

OK, my bad hair day started when I overslept or really slept late. After all I had not set the alarm so there was no anticipation of waking at a specific time... so I just slept. There you have it. But it was the oversleeping that gave my hair that troll doll look that no amount of water can help. Besides that sleeping late caused me to dream about Bret Michaels and his Rock of Love Bus tour thing. There I've said it. I have admitted to a life of brain cell leeching TV and sleeping to almost noon. I have failed, fallen and floundered on a sea of reality TV. Not only that- I am a twitterer.

I feel better now. Having ignored all the best recommendations for a successful creative life that is full of meaning I feel strangely free. Yeah that is it. I am free. Not only that I can twitter about and I am certain one or two people will be on my side. After I am fairly confident those of us who do what we shouldn't do outweighs those focus on the project on hand. I am in good company with the slovenly, the slother, the procrastinator the person who says and doesn't do.

So here I am falling in front of you, not to ask for forgiveness, but to let you know that I have not mastered life, creativity or much of anything. Nonetheless, I feel there is hope. I do. Despite my proclivity for slothness. There is always hope. After all I have managed to create in the past. I have gotten up early and hit the keys to write up something succulent. I have stayed up late making jewelry. I have created things out of nothing. So I know there is this sliver of light that I can make it to the other side and be more creative then not. I cling to the sliver, holding on, as I can continue to write.

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Colleen Gonzalez said...

As someone who has been sick and useless two weekends in a row, I know where you're coming from. Sometimes we need to just reconnect with our lounge side!