Sunday, November 02, 2008

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Creating and My New Bulletin Board

What does a writer want for their birthday? I tried to keep my wishes within the means of my family’s current budget. A laptop sure would make life easier, but I can live without it. Some of that fancy writing software always looks attractive. However, the time to sit and figure it all out is something I don’t have. So what’s a simple gift that would make my writing life easier? A giant bulletin board! I’m quickly outgrowing my little corner in the living room. I’m constantly scribbling notes, clipping articles and jotting down web addresses. On more than several occasions, I’ve wasted time trying to find a slip of paper or the last draft of something I wrote that has notes in the margins and comments jotted at the end. Currently, there’s a large mirror above my desk and it would be quite a chore to move it. The traditional idea of having that idea board positioned directly above your work space wasn’t going to work for me. It took me awhile to realize the wall behind my desk was perfect. The previous owners of our home used the living room as a game room. They had a pool table, a corner mounted TV and a dart board. We reestablished it as a living room yet kept the dartboard. Why not? It was something for the kids to do and with the cork glued to the wall, would be a lot more work to take it off then to live with it.

At first I thought I could be extremely economical and use the cork that was already behind the dart board, but this is protection cork, not note tacking cork. The best idea would be to have a board large enough to cover the cork behind it. This also allows the bulletin board to be removed and the dart board to go back up. After all, a quick game of darts has become popular during our Christmas gatherings.

So I found a large, beautiful board. Big enough to not be outgrown after a few business cards, post-its and the inevitable Peanuts cartoon strips! My husband was kind enough to hang it up for me (he’s a lot better at measuring than I am) and I’m quickly filling it up. First, I put the drawing I haven’t completed, then my list of things to do this weekend (post to Eric Maisel’s Creativity Central Blog), next the essay I’m working on to submit for anthology consideration by November 16th and lastly, a cute Peanuts strip where Snoopy is atop his dog house, writing on his typewriter. It helps to have everything at my eye level. Because of my short stature, it’s actually easier to use the bulletin board behind me instead of over the desk. I’d be stretching across to reach things all the time. This way, everything is easy for me to reach and view. I think this will be very useful in keeping my writing organized and my writing life slightly more manageable. Next year, maybe I can hint for that laptop!

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ohh i like that - that's a good gift!