Friday, November 21, 2008

Television Musings - Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

By Kathy Carpenter


I’m back. Sorry I know it’s been a few weeks, but it’s just been a crazy busy time for me. I have a lot of those by the way. Anyway, yes, since I’ve been busy I’m still reading “Hex Appeal” So, this weeks comment is on a show I watched this week.

If anybody saw this weeks episode of Privileged I thought one of the writers wrote something very creative. Personally I feel television writers are becoming more and more creative these days.

As for Privileged for you who have not watched the show. It’s about a college graduate who had a writing job in New York and I believe got fired. Somehow she got the opportunity to tutor a set a super rich twins in Florida ( where she grew up ). The twins do not look alike. Anyway she was hired to see they have grades which will get them into the best collages. The twin who could care less about grades, naturally has the ability to learn easily. The one who wants to go to collage with or without her sister struggles with grades. In this episode the twin who struggles received a D on a final. She knew she needed to pass all her other exams. (She is also the most moral of the two) Anyway, she bought the next exam she needed to pass. Her sister is not happy with this. But (and her is where the creative part comes in) decideed to help her out. She stole the test (which is a fifty question multiple choice questions) from her sister and had the answers made into a purse.

The purse had randem colored letters all over in a trendy design. Of course the letters could not be laid in order. So the design was a secret code. Something like every third letter starting at the bullseye. I thought this very clever. Does it work? Well we did not see what happens yet. But I do think something like this could be pulled off. That’s what makes it creative.

Who says there are no new ideas?

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