Thursday, December 11, 2008

Career Inklings from Columbia

Time to Recharge
by Janet M. Ruck

As the weather on the east coast encourages me to turn inward, I can take this opportunity to regroup, recharge and reframe my focus on what comes next. There is definitely change in the air, certainly in the weather, but also in the atmosphere and in the environment. So much upheaval in the world, some days it’s difficult to look beyond what comforts me.

Mother Nature knows that it’s time to slow down and regroup. Today it is a cold, rainy, unpleasant day. But, it’s all in how I view it, isn’t it? The sales person in the department store called it “liquid sunshine” when I commented on how dreary the weather is. Forced inward, I welcome the respite from the day. There is so much to do to prepare me for the rest of my life.

On days like these, I can take the time to focus on myself. Sometimes it’s difficult to do so, because then I become aware that I have rushed through so many moments. My life has always been about doing, and about going. This time of year, and days like these are gifts in their reminders to slow down, to breathe and to reframe. Once I get used to it, I really can relax! I wonder why I fight it so?

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