Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Television Musings - Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

By Kathy Carpenter

Cancelled Shows

Not news we like to hear this time of year but my sister read my a list of shows that are cancelled. Though I can not remember all I thought I would spread the word on the ones I do. A lot of these were some of the ones I’ve mentioned in this blog as being creative. I guess Americans are not into creative television at least some of it. Here we go. Pushing up Daisies. The show where the hero can touch a dead person and bring them back to life for a minute - told in storybook fashion. Eli Stone. Where Eli see visions from God that help solve his cases and tell which cases to take. My own worst Enemy. I did not talk about this one. But it was where the same guy played duo personality, one a homebody, the other a spy. Dirty, Sexy, Money. Another big, rich family drama. One that was just starting to get good. Where the good lawyer, who was actually part of the family, was starting to become a little less moral and more like his dirty family he represented. Always and interesting concept.

We also lost Ex List and Valentine the two cutesy romance type shows. Lipstick Jungle which I really enjoy and Caruso which I dit see as a long time show. I mean the same things happen every time people come to island, and Caruso remains or the show is over.

Merry Christmas!

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