Thursday, January 01, 2009

Priorities of an Artist Entrepreneur


 What are the priorities of an Artist Entrepreneur?

 Well, like the name states, being an artist and doing our art is our  priority.

In a society that mostly values outer results and making money more than the creative process, I've found it challenging to put my artist entrepreneurship priorities in the right order.

In the last week of 2008, I saw that clearly when I said aloud that I would work on my novel then proceeded to work on my writing coaching business all day. Now, I'm just observing here, not judging myself. I sat down and did good work that day editing my website's products page for the Year End Sale. 

But I didn't work on my novel.

The hard truth about creating art is that while you're doing it you can't be doing anything else.

Well, I've reflected a lot this past week. The end of the year is a great time for that, and I realized that if I really, really want to be an artist entrepreneur, and I do, then I need to put my art first. Duh! Eric Maisel talks a lot about putting one's art first, but I had to experience what it was like not to do that a lot, before I could claim the importance of the "art first" practice.

So, now at the dawning of the new year, I put my art first and wrote on my novel for over two hours. Then, I turned on the internet to chat and share.

Inner work of the artist first, then the outer work of the entrepreneur.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. 

And I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter of your artist entrepreneur priorities.

Beth Barany writes fiction and nonfiction, runs a products and service business for writers and creative organizations, and is an artist entrepreneur.


organicsyes said...

Bravo! Keep it up, Beth:) Looking forward to hearing about your continued progress.

artist said...

well artist and business dont go hand in hand.

Lisa Canning said...

artist said...
well artist and business dont go hand in hand.

And neither did oil and vinegar until somebody mixed them up together...