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Wild Woman of Queens: Notes on Urban Creativity from across the East River.

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Wild Woman of Queens
: Notes on Urban Creativity from across the East River.

Sandra Lee Schubert

What Resolution?

I have been resolving to create some resolutions for the new year. Yep. Each day I look at my workbook and my colored pens (to make my resolutions stand out) and do anything else but write out a resolution, a goal, a wish or a desire of any kind. Pfft. I'd rather watch TV. It is so much easier to see some one else creating something then for me to even begin to try and resolve to do anything.

I think I may be resolution deficient-completely lacking in the essential vitamins to create or to resolve to create.

I am feeling a little fuzzy around the cranium. The spark or energy that ignites into something spectacular is not there. I hate that. There is nothing worse then being a creator without a creation. It sucks. I've been reading Twyla Tharp's book, The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life. I have made a habit of reading it. I hope to absorb its contents into my being. I hope for inspiration and I get this,

"You know you're in a rut when you annoy other people, bore your collaborators and supporters, fail to challenge yourself, and get the feeling that the world is moving on while you're standing still."
I have been tossing down breadcrumbs for me to follow back to myself. I know I am in a rut. I sit down at my computer and waste time. There are moments of inspiration followed by nothing-no action. This has been a long standing issue.

Wow. I am boring myself.

How about you? Bored? Tired? Don't have the same old vim and vigor? I recommend trying a new product. This product will revolutionize your life. You will make millions, have more energy and be the kind of person everyone wants to hang around. I swear.

Twyla recommends this three step process: First, you have to see the rut. Second, admit you're in a rut. The third step is getting out of the rut.

Do these three things and all the riches of the world will be yours. Or, you will have created something. I officially proclaim 2009 as the year I am rutless. I resolve each day to take at least one small action to climb, jump,create out of my rut. Really I don't want to bore you or me. What do you say? Are you with me? OK here we go... one, two, three....jump!

Sandra Lee Schubert- Her e-course leads people to write their life stories. She is a creative vagabond, a poet, writer and co-facilitates the Wild Angels Poets and Writers Group at the historic Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. Her e-course,is available online Writing for Life: Creating a Story of Your Own. Visit her blog: Email her or @writing4life via twitter.

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