Thursday, March 05, 2009

Career Inklings from Columbia

In Like a Lion
By Janet M. Ruck

Up and down the east coast, March roared in, befitting its regal status as king. For those who breathed a sign of relief when February made its exit, Mother Nature’s message, delivered loud and clear: “We’re not done yet!” In my last post, I talked about the importance of reflecting and revisiting, preparing and repairing, creating and carving out the next chapter of life. With this recent blast of cold weather and snow, I wonder if Mother Nature is giving us yet another reprieve from the busyness of the spring which lies just around the corner. Perhaps we haven’t yet learned the lessons gained by hunkering down, turning inward and revitalizing. In our zeal to heal from the many recent messages of gloom, maybe we’re rushing to the next season, the next activity. Just possibly, Mother Nature is extending our respite.

Have you taken the time you need to look inward and reflect, to connect with your inner wisdom? Do you feel ready to face the challenges that accompany the foray into the warmth and sun? Spend a few minutes and ask yourself the questions which will help you face what comes next. Don’t rush headlong into life. Let this reprieve allow you the luxury to savor the solitude to fortify yourself for the life that lies ahead. By living your life from the inside out, by connecting with your internal strength and fortitude, you can prepare yourself for the beyond. When we disconnect from our internal foundation and try and tackle life without internal stability we falter too easily.

Once again, in her infinite wisdom, Mother Nature has given us another chance to heed the clarion call of silence and reflection. And, once again, unlike the exhausted child who fights sleep and bedtime, I am happy to oblige. This may be my last chance before the balmy winds of spring surge across the mid-Atlantic. Let this time be the charm.

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