Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Television Muings - Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

By Kathy Carpenter


How could I not write about the biggest story on Television last week? The Bachelor aired it’s final episode on Monday of last week. Everyone was wondering of course who he would choose. We had even been teased with Deana’s return who had of course not picked Jason. It was no surprise when he turned her offer of another chance down. What was a surprise was the events to follow.

Jason turned Molly away. After doing so broke down and really cried. Then he went on to return to Melissa and propose. Most people probably liked both girls. I did. However, I did want Melissa to win even though personally I thought he would take Molly.
The real surprise came on the after show. He dumped Melissa on National television and then pursued Molly. Melissa was naturally upset. Molly gave Jason another chance.

Here’s my problem with the whole thing. Jason did exactly what Deana did to him only he did it sooner. They and it probably happens to most of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes pick with the heads and not their hearts. They pick the fun one. Only to realize the other one is the right one after they get to spend quality time together. Or at least the other one is the one they have a better chance at long lasting happiness with.

My other issue is - Jason broke down and cried and he cried hard. That means he really cared for Molly. Then he turns around and proposes to Melissa. I mean he could of said let’s see how this goes.

Now Melissa is on Dancing with the Stars. Her first dance after only two days was pretty good I hope she stays around awhile she deserves some happiness.

Let me know what you think.

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