Thursday, March 19, 2009

Career Inklings from Columbia

New Growth for All
by Janet M. Ruck

Spring starts tomorrow. Yet, despite the calendar’s annotation, nothing will really “happen” yet. March is a finicky month. Here in the mid-Atlantic, we’ve gone from almost a foot of snow at the beginning of the month to temperatures close to 80 degrees a few weeks afterward. Even though the promise of spring is still but a faint whisper, there are signs all around. The robins are back, sure harbingers of the change in season. Bunnies abound. Cherry blossoms are still in buds, but the hint of pink on the branches suggests that one warm day will burst forth the dormant hues. Our old friends crocuses and daffodils have already made their presence known, with their nodding heads shimmering in the sunlight.

Spring’s promise is in the air, that’s for certain! For me, the beauty of the changing seasons provides me with an opportunity to take stock of changes in my life and career. This is always a good time to reflect upon the change that I can create in my life, and focus less on the ones that somehow get imposed on me.

Do you have a promise to make to yourself this season? Maybe you’ll get some more training to increase your job skills…or, you’ll begin thinking about how to parlay your talents into community or volunteer work…perhaps it’s time to totally rethink the path you’re on and transfer your skills into another career…possibly you’ll follow the advice of all those career guides and really start networking for your job search.

Take a few moments and think about what direction you’re heading and the process you’re following to get there. Ask yourself how you can develop yourself so that this season you’re bursting with new growth.

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