Monday, August 11, 2008

Creative Connections

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Creative Car Time

School starts back next week, which means a lot more time in the car for me, not only driving but waiting for the end of school and practices. My creative project time is already quite limited. So as I'm buying school supplies for the kids, I'm also stocking the car for me so that I don't waste those waiting hours. Tiny notebooks are a must for capturing snippets of inspirations, remembering things to do, and jotting down the name of a song that captures my interest. Full sized notebooks or legal pads are better for journaling and real writing. A clipboard to write on is helpful too. For editing I like different colored pens and sticky notes. I've also got a few soft drawing pencils because drawing something small, in detail, helps wake up my creative brain. All of these supplies easily fit into a canvas bag, and actually have me looking forward to some of those hours of waiting. If my car just came with a coffee maker....

Lauri Griffin is a published short story writer who is currently revising some longer works. She holds degrees in educational psychology and gifted education, and is the instructional coordinator for a a literacy program. Lauri is fascinated by the many different ways our brains learn, and by the creative process. Visit Lauri's Reflections, for more thoughts on creativity, writing, lifelong learning, and parenting.

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