Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Silver Rose

Television Musings
Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

By Kathy Carpenter

This weeks book is The Silver Rose by Jane Feather. A historical romance from 1997. In the book the Silver Rose is a charm on a bracelet. But to tie in the book for my purposes, I think of the silver rose as a reward. Going for the gold as many did the past week in the Olympics.However all show have their rewards. Of course in the reality shows these are competitions and the reward is to be the winner. Outlast everyone else and generally a big amount of cash. Two silver roses so to speak. In a drama such as Saving Grace silver rose comes when they achieve the goal, solve the crime. All shows have some kind of goal thus a silver rose is found in most television programs.

Hey this tying the title into my blog is a breeze so far.

I brought up Saving Grace earlier because I just watched it before I wrote this blog. A show I’m not quite sure of why I watch. I dislike Grace ( the main character) as a person. Her morals are very questionable. Of course, a lot of characters on Tv are. But she sees this angel and talks to him. I think he’s supposed to be helping her to change her ways. Save her. But I don’t see it. The show has been on two seasons. Mini seasons is what I call it. Anyway the new “season” for a lot of shows these days is six weeks.

But I can’t see where Grace has improved her ways. Can anyone out there help me on this?

Kathy Carpenter

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