Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wild Woman of Queens: Notes on Urban Creativity from across the East River.

Sandra Lee Schubert

Michelle Obama Rocks Her Story
“. . . he urged us to believe in ourselves - to find the strength within ourselves to strive for the world as it should be. And isn't that the great American story?”
Stories are everywhere aren’t they? What is your story? What do you tell the world about yourself? What does the world say about you?

The Democratic Convention was a great opportunity to see stories unfold before us. There were stories of success, failures and the ability to rise above adversity and how to gracefully accept defeat.

The media conveniently puts us into nice little boxes; voting, shopping, and living a life they have neatly laid out for us. If this election year has taught us anything- people have their own mind about who they are.

I created my course based on the idea that we should be the ones to tell our own stories. We are unique creatures who know the intimacies of our own life.

Michelle Obama’s challenge at the convention was to tell her unique story. She had to weed through the stream of distortions that laid out a version of who she was created to be. No one can tell your story, not really. Even the best biographer can never get to the essence of who we are. Michelle had to tell her story her way. It may have been a speech but it was her speech and she delivered it. Michelle Obama rocked her own story. She took back her own life and the power to tell it.

What are people saying about you? Are you telling their version of your own life?
Take back you life now. Tell your own story. Write it a million times. It is your story to tell.
Be the owner of your own life and creativity.

Sandra Lee Schubert is a creative vagabond, a poet, writer and dabbler in the arts and online entrepreneur. She co-facilitates the Wild Angels Poets and Writers Group at the historic Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. She is also the creator of the e-course, Writing for Life: Creating a Story of Your Own. Visit her writing for life blog: .
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