Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Motivators to Slay Your Creative Dragons

By CJ Lyons and Margie Lawson

Cube Breathing from CJ:

Sometimes our bodies need a little help to get in that writing mood. Next time you’re having a hard time shedding the demands of the real world and escaping into your fictional universe, try Cube Breathing.

First, sit in your writing chair. Close your eyes. Rest one hand palm down just below your belly button.

Now, counting to four, take in a deep breath. Concentrate on breathing so deeply that you push that hand on your belly away. Hold your breath for a count of four. Exhale slowly, in a count of four, feeling your hand collapsing in. Hold your breath for a count of four. Repeat.

Visualize each count of four as one side of a square. Repeat six complete cycles until you’ve completed the cube in your mind.

Open your eyes and start writing!

This type of deep breathing, also known as diaphragmatic breathing, is something we can use at any time, any place. If you feel anxious, feel as if you’re taking short, shallow breaths, try a few cycles of cube breathing and you’ll be amazed at how relaxed and energized you are!

As a pediatric ER doctor, CJ Lyons has lived the life she writes about in her cutting edge suspense novels. Her debut, LIFELINES (Berkley, March 2008), became a national bestseller and Publishers Weekly proclaimed it a "breathtakingly fast-paced medical thriller." The second in the series, WARNING SIGNS, is due out January, 2009. Contact her at

Margie Lawson -- presenter, psychotherapist, writer -- lives at the top of a Colorado mountain west of Denver. Margie merged her two worlds, psychology and writing, to develop psychologically anchored editing systems and techniques that teach writers how to write page turners. A former college professor, Margie works as a psychotherapist, writes fiction and nonfiction, and presents full day master classes for writers internationally. Go to for more information.

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