Sunday, August 24, 2008

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Creating and Back to School

My kids went back to school this week, which means a major upheaval for my writing schedule. My goal for the summer was to incorporate daily writing into my already busy life. I feel like just when I was getting a great groove going, summer ended.
Now I’m faced with the craziness of homework, school volunteer hours, basketball games, drama performances, and of course, my full-time job. I worry that all my efforts will fall by the wayside as soon as I need to quiz my son nightly on his vocab! There is something in me, though, that believes this school year will be different. I changed this summer. I accomplished things I always said I would do but never previously came to fruition. I joined a writing group where we meet once a month and I’ve already written the first three chapters of my book… not quite my summer goal but more than I ever written. I’ve also been posting weekly to this blog like I promised myself and I’ve been working on launching two other blogs. Whew! When I see it all laid out, I have been working hard!
Energy is a big challenge for me. I’ve never been a mom with a high powered job, who makes cookies from scratch for the bake sale and has an immaculate house. I’m the mom that buys the store-bought cookies and has to do marathon cleaning sessions before having people over. It’s inevitable that I will need to reprioritize my daily activities if I’m to incorporate writing time.
I like to tell myself that I can write two hours a night. Deep down, however, I know this is unrealistic. I also like to think I can “catch up” on the weekends and write for an extended period of time. This too isn’t going to happen as often as I would like.
Basically, I need to seize the opportunities that I waste in front of the TV, or mull away on some unnecessary project, like sorting my plastic kitchen containers. Those things can be set aside. It’s important for me to admit who I am and look at my track record. I need to stop wasting time trying to make myself something I can never be (besides who really likes those perfect moms anyway) and focus on what drives me and where my passions lie. Often in life, when we really want something, we find a way. This school year, unlike the others, I feel I’m ready to take that giant step and incorporate writing into my daily schedule. I finally want it enough that I know this time it will become part of my daily life, just like brushing my teeth.
So we might eat a few more frozen pizzas and I may never find the lid to that one round, blue, sparkly container, but I will find a way to meet my self-imposed writing deadlines…no matter what!

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