Thursday, August 14, 2008

Artist Entrepreneurship: Call to Adventure -- Stage 2

Artist Entrepreneurship: Call to Adventure
Stage 2 of 12 of my Artist Entrepreneurship Adventure TM

I am called to embrace my artist self and be an entrepreneur. This means I am called to marry my right-brain, and all its creative meanderings, with my left-brained organized, list-making, step-by-step self.

In my previous post, I addressed Stage 1: Start From Where You Are. Today, I sit in the place of knowing that I am an Artist Entrepreneur but, yes, there is a BUT. You know what I mean. We want something, but we don't know how to get there. So what do we do? I start with my artist self. She writes, and loves writing, and has written countless articles, blog posts, reports, academic papers, and now novels. I know, my artist-writer self, knows, how to sit down and produce. So I KNOW, I can do this entrepreneurship thing.

But what the hay is it, being an entrepreueur? Ah, this is where my knees get wobbly, and I feel like a complete babe in the woods, deer in the headlights, you know the drill. So, I breathe, and smile, and change the chemical cascade through my body. "It's going to be okay," I tell myself. "I can do this!"

"I am an Artist Entrepreneur. I will create it as I go, just like my fiction. I can do this!"

Try that on for size -- use "I am... I will... I can..." . Just replace fiction with your art of choice. Let's create a whole league of Artist Entrepreneurs, who marry, each in our own unique way, our art and our drive to make a stamp in the world, as business people. We can do this!

What this channel for more on my Artist Entrepreneurship Adventures!

Beth Barany, a CCA certified creativity coach, helps creative individuals go on their own Writer's Adventure™, and become the hero of their book writing adventure. A fiction and nonfiction writer, Beth has worked in the book industry for over 20 years: in libraries and bookstores, as a book publicist, book reviewer, journalist, editor, book project manager, and book layout artist. As a sole proprietor and entrepreneur, she has channeled her passion for writing, books, and the creative process into a business, balancing the demands of her writing career with that of her coaching and consulting business. Blog: Site:
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