Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dressing for Creative Intentions

Andrea Avari

I love the art of unique clothing and I love remembering to set intentions. Today I combined them both. A couple of months ago I bought a shirt with the embroidered words: “be in gratitude.” I just felt good buying it. And then I wore it and I felt even better. I could watch the faces of the people who were interacting with me as they read the words. Their eyes softened as the message resonated with them as well. It was like wearing a gift that gives twice.
I appreciate that there are creative companies who create healthy organic cottons with centering messages. There are times that I wish that I had had the idea and had manifested that idea into a business.

Setting intentions and focusing our thoughts on those concepts that empower our creative energies is actually an energy-saving process. At first it is a practice that takes a great deal of practice to keep us from falling asleep at the well of conscious thought. We tend to let our thoughts run unaware and lose energy. Becoming conscious of intentional thoughts helps us to attract to us that which serves us well.

When I am thinking “be in gratitude” I feel myself grounding into that place of acceptance and appreciating all that is. I am thankful for the lessons in my life that come in the form of living the creative process in relationships, life events, and art. I move out of any victim mode that might linger about me and take responsibility for my own learning.

In that way I am more available for my imagination to inspire me. I can better hear my intuition, and feel the energies of higher vibration. I love my shirt.

Andrea Avari is the author of “A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion.” Her second book on creating soulful relationships is due to be published later this year. Her website is andreaavari.com.

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