Tuesday, September 30, 2008

London Calling

I never thought I would want to try Creativity Counselling - it's not really 'done' in Britain. In fact, counselling of any kind isn't really something British people admit to readily. It's been hard to admit that I needed help to change step with writing. Writing is my haven from the world. Writing should be inviolate. I used to have to scratch together a few moments' peace for creativity but then, I learnt how to set aside that time. I'm in a place where I've thrown myself into writing over the last two years. I've produced the lion's share of a novel, some poetry and some short stories. They are in my desk drawer right now as I blog, and that is the problem. They never go anywhere else. I don't want to stop writing entirely but I'd like to submit them somewhere - yet I cannot. I am always writing, and I'm scared now that I'll lose it if I stop.

I am scared of changing step and feel a bit lost about where to begin. I feel a bit daunted by it all, and about how to protect my creative self whilst I move forward in this new way.

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Judy Whelley said...

Jennifer, I can understand your fears here. Would you consider allowing one writing session per week to exploring places to submit? Or adding just 15 minutes per day to research possibilities for submiting one of your short stories? I admire your dedication to writing and creating such a solid body of work. Best wishes.

Judy Whelley
Dayton Ohio USA