Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Southwest Ramblings: Thoughts on Making and Living Art

Creative Ceilings
Linda Moran
Ever count all the little holes in a ceiling tile? And that's the most exciting thing you can do?

On Monday I had that opportunity, as I was strapped to a backboard for two hours, and in a neck brace for another 6 hours. All I could do was look up, and since I have virtually no vision in my left eye, that one ceiling tile was my world. You can only count holes for so long.....

So my mind wandered to what else could go up there? Posters? That would get old. I discovered, as I stared at the light fixture, that there were some incredible patterns to the texture of the light cover. And - they would change, depending on how long I looked at the light.

Why not a digital screen in the ceiling tiles, centered so that it wouldn't really matter where the stretcher was placed, with interesting patterns that would change on a regular basis? Since we seem to spend more and more time waiting in ERs for assistance - even if you came in by ambulance - this might cut down on the number of angry patients who are tired of waiting - especially those whose field of vision is so restricted.

Just a thought...someone want to patent the idea? Remember, you read it here first.

Linda Moran is a fiber artist working with hand-created marbled fabrics. This centuries-old art form originally limited to paper takes on new life when used on fabric. Join her for musings on the fiber field, art in the Southwest, and the challenges of creating fiber art. See her work and contact her at The Art of Fabric, or reading her musings on her blog.

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Susan GT said...

I, too, have had occasion to be staring up at textured ceiling tiles and I think your idea of a digital system is wonderful. That said, I have to add that there are some wonderful patterns to feed the imagination if you're so inclined. I've seen many shapes, faces, animals, etc. up there to keep me interested and distracted while waiting.

Susan GT (fellow blogger here)
Sculpting a Life