Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Wrong Wife

Television Musings
Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

Kathy Carpenter

For The Wrong Wife a Silhouette Desire by Eileen Wilks, which is a short contemporary romance, my thought went to The Starter Wife.

This is a new televison series starting in October. It came from a six part mini-series last year. And although when I saw previews for the show I initially wanted to watch. It starred Debra Messing. And although I don’t think Debra’s a raving beauty or so talented I would not miss something she was in ( I never watched Will and Grace. Well once in a blue moon.) There is something about her that captivates me. Maybe I identify with her.Whatever I based my heroine of my short contemporary “Make-Believe Bride” on her. Or what I have perceived of her over the years.

Anyway The Starter Wife is based on the concept of a Hollywood man who after getting where he wanted in his life then divorces his wife. She stood by and supported him faithfully like a good first wife, then he dumps her She isn’t right for him anymore The Wrong Wife.

In theory it looked like a nice little romantic comedy. In reality it was the bittersweet story of a woman trying to put her life back together. Will I watch? Probably. At least to see if the series is a bit lighter. Like I said something in Debra Messing appeals to me. Will I stay with it time will tell.

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