Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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Night Rising

By Kathy Carpenter

This one was a little tough for me. Night Rising by Chris Marie Green is the first book in a series of three. The third one is out currently.

Since this week is the three night premier of Dancing with the Stars and I wanted to write about it. What comes out as the night rises? Stars. And Dancing has plenty of those. Well thirteen names. Though you may not recognize all the names at first. Once you see them dance you do not want any of them to go. Each usually grows on you (well at least me in some way) Some with their dancing, some for the pure entertainment of their trying. Some for their personality. Some for their potential And some because they are so bad you feel sorry for them and hope they can go one more week.

This season, which is season eight. Has thirteen couples. Two of which are leaving this week. After viewing the first two nights I feel this year is a more competetive playing field. There are really no stand out dancers. They all have a lot of growing to go. Which in a lot of respect makes this a more exciting round to watch.

They have Cloris Leachman was the main name. If you know who she is. She is eighty-two. Are they dragging the bottom? I not sure of all the people but will try to give you some idea. Ted McGuinley , from Married with Children and Love Boat. Warren Sak, football player, Toni Braxon, singer, Lance Bass, from InSync. Brooke somebody, model, and mom of four. Two Olympic winners, Michelle someone from Vollyball and someone Greene from track. Susan Lucci from All My Children ( Soap Opera). Jeff someone, a comedian. Rocco Desperno or something from the Cooking Network, Kim Cardesian, reality TV. A guy from Hannah Montana, and I can remember the others.

No wonder there is no stand out. They are trying to appeal to broad range of people and show anyone can dance. Well most.

I have no favorite yet. Though I do kind of like Rocco, he’s an underdog. Never danced before and off to a slow start.

If you want to let me know who you rooting for please comment or email

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Susan GT said...

I happen to love Dancing with the Stars and watched it many times last season. Got lost in my studio and didn't know it had started up again. I'll be watching.

And hey, who cares who they pick as long as the dancing is good. Right?

Susan GT (fellow blogger here)
Sculpting a Life