Monday, September 08, 2008

Metaphors from the Minneapolis Muse

Having Fun Wagging the Dog’s Tail

By Sandy Nelson

I arrived in St. Paul, for the Republican National Convention, on Air Force One. I hoped to share a cup of tea with the president on the flight discussing his creativity; however, he and his V.P. Dick canceled a couple of hours before take off. It had something to do with a stormy troublemaker named Gustav. I made the best of the situation. With a pair of extra seats open on the plane, I cashed in my frequent flyer miles to buy some extra tickets and invited a few fellow artists along. Because so many scheduled celebrities canceled too, we got the red carpet treatment.

We partied hard, drinking champagne, eating gourmet sandwiches and watching old movies in the lounge. We even ate popcorn and twizzlers! They can whip up anything on that plane.

Like my picture leaving Air Force One? Actually, folks, this isn't computer generated. It's me at Civic Fest; a creative exhibit full of history, interactive displays and fun props. Sure it's also political, but it was lots of fun to play with the idea of an artist like me, or you, as the president.

Looking across the convention floor, imagine the sea of art posters I'd use as campaign signs. I'd alter the overall color scheme using pastel shades of peach, cream, and um - turquoise. I'd have my campaign speeches sung in beautiful voices, in front of a backdrop of video screens broadcasting awe-inspiring moments of peace and kindness expressed by everyday Americans. I'd hire poets to write the slogans - just musing.

What would you do to make the conventions more creative? How about the upcoming campaign season, what creative expression would you make to let the world know you're running for president as an artist?

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