Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rants and Raves of a Romance Writer

Kathy Carpenter


This week’s book is Vittorio by Anne Rice. A vampire tale. I’m a little upset because I’m sure I have read the book before, and even though I can’t remember the story,however like with movies and television shows I don’t like to repeat. The is so much new stuff out there to absorb.

You might say vampires from a romance writer. Or you may know a lot of woman find the mystic of the vampire alluring. One only knows why. I mean who wants to live forever, or be bitten with fangs, or drink blood.
Regardless I am a fan. However I much prefer the story where the vampire becomes human again to the one where the lover turns into a vampire.

Last season we had the vampire series Moonlight. Kind of fun.. Some comedy, some romance, creative fiction. Writers love these shows where they get to make the rules creativity at it’s best.

This season we have the new vampire series on HBO True Blood. Definitely more graphic all aspects. More sex, violence and blood. A More serious tone and not quite so fun. More adult. Not always a good thing.

This past week I finished From G’s to Gents and the guy I picked won. Creeper. This was a little different show for me but the guys really seemed to improve themselves let’s hope they can stay on the straight and narrow.

Also finished Big Brother 10. And I was happy with the winner. Not always the case.

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