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Beth Barany

Start from Where You Are

I am an Artist Entrepreneur. Or more specifically a Writer Entrepreneur. Or is it an Authorpreneur? I am a writer, but prefer the term, Artist Entrepreneur because my art of choice is more than just writing fiction and nonfiction, and also includes teaching, coaching, product production, photography and film.

A word about my brand, Artist Entrepreneurship. I had chosen as my brand focus, "Story as the New Frontier: Change Your Story, Change Your life." I had intended to share about how storytelling tools can greatly enhance our awareness and ability to live fully. I still intend to do that, only with a more narrow focus, that of Artist Entrepreneurship.

An Artist Entrepreneur Defined

An Artist Entrepreneur is an artist first, entrepreneur second. Priority to her well-being, she works diligently and faithfully on her art and craft. As an artist, she desires to be recognized and compensated for the art she produces, and as an entrepreneur, she applies the structure of business and its tools of planning, budgeting, marketing and sales to bring her art out into the world's marketplace.

Storytelling Tools Applied

The first tool from storytelling that I will apply to Artist Entrepreneurship is the GMC tool. This fabulous tool was developed by writer, publisher, speaker, Debra Dixon (, in her book, GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict. In GMC, Deb Dixon teaches this tool for character development to add dimension to fiction characters and depth to plot. I have adapted this tool to the creative process and more specifically to the book creation process in The Writer's Adventure™ Method. Now I will apply it to the story of being an Artist Entrepreneur.

For the purposes of this blog, I will use my journey as an Artist Entrepreneur as a test case. I will be posting interviews of other Artist Entrepreneur at my blog,, and digesting and integrating what I learn for you in my weekly posts here at the Joy of Living Creatively blog. So, stay tuned!

I will also be presenting some of my Artist Entrepreneurship findings at the 1st Annual International Creativity Conference, Creativity: Let it be Life!™ presented by the Creativity Coaching Association in Lake George, New York, October 4 and 5, 2008. Join us there! More at

GMC and S for Beth Barany as Artist Entrepreneur

Each Goal, Motivation, Conflict, and Strength (I added that one) have an inner and outer component, as you'll see below.


Inner: To live my truth, to live in truth, to see who I am through my all my creativity, creative projects, especially fiction writing.

Outer: My goal in being an artist entrepreneur is to give first priority to my art, which in the immediate future and the present is writing fiction, first, and nonfiction, second. Third priority is running a successful business.


Inner: I am motivated by my desire to share my light with the world, to let as many people as possible know they can tap into their creativity too. I desire to be a shining beacon of light, living my creative life to the fullest. I am motivated by joy, compassion to myself, and love of the deliciousness of life.

Outer: I am motivated by the positive effect I can have on those around me by teaching what I most love: the creative process of book writing.


Inner: I am currently challenged by the mental chatter that tells me not to take care of myself first, and tells me to be a little hamster on the never-ending treadmill of a to-do list.

Outer: Uh, making a living. It's a challenge we all face. Making a living is the sandy grit that will make me do the work to bring my artist self into the world.


Inner: Resilience, confidence, excitement at doing what I love, joy, writing, teaching, organizational, networking, marketing and selling skills, my health and vitality, gratitude for the gift of life I have received.

Outer: Wonderful support from family and friends, strong professional network, good laptop, library of resources, good weather, lots of sunshine. Thank you all!

Now what? Next Steps

Now that I've done my initial assessment of where I am in my Artist Entrepreneurship Adventure™, I am more clear on what next steps I can take today and moving forward.

Number 1: Truly, putting my art first is vital.

Number 2: The only way for me to see my way clearly is to clear my mind. Meditation is the key for that.

Number 3: Continue to give thanks for this wonderful opportunity to create my life anew each and every day.

Today I presented Stage 1 of the Artist Entrepreneur's Adventure™: Start From Where You Are. I presented to you where I was, and what my vital next steps are. Now it's your turn. Write in, post your comments, and share with us where you are on your Artist Entrepreneur's journey, what your goals, motivations, conflicts and strengths are. I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for being a part of this adventure with me, and thanks to Eric Maisel for sparking my own journey, and for providing this wonderful forum.


Beth Barany, a CCA certified creativity coach, helps creative individuals go on their own Writer's Adventure™, and become the hero of their book writing adventure. A fiction and nonfiction writer, Beth has worked in the book industry for over 20 years: in libraries and bookstores, as a book publicist, book reviewer, journalist, editor, book project manager, and book layout artist. As a sole proprietor and entrepreneur, she has channeled her passion for writing, books, and the creative process into a business, balancing the demands of her writing career with that of her coaching and consulting business. Blog: Site:

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